Leaky Faucets

Do you have a leaky faucet keeping you up all night? Don’t let leaks keep you awake! And don’t stay awake worrying about the cost of repairs either! Call PAPA Plumbing right away for your reliable, ethical, and professional leak repair service.

We don’t just fix leaky faucets. We fix leaky toilets and sinks, we do any repair and replacement required, and we even do moisture repair.

Leak Detection

Suspect you have a leak but not quite sure where? Maybe your water bill is running high or your home seems unusually damp? Perhaps there is a new wall stain that wasn’t there before. Call PAPA Plumbing and we can come to you anywhere across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to conduct fast, efficient, and ethical leak detection. You can trust us to find the source of the leak, do the repairs, and only charge you for the work we did.

Leak Repairs and Moisture Repair

Finally, once that leaky toilet or pipe has been found and stopped, we also repair the damage left from any leak that has previously occurred.

Plumbing Surrey

We have a 24 hour Emergency Response team with 10 vehicles dedicated to after hours emergency services!

We can come to your residential or commercial plumbing emergency no matter what the hour or what the issue. With our large emergency fleet, you can rest easy knowing that a PAPA Plumbing team member will always be available to help you with your plumbing emergencies. Our plumbing, heating, and drainage services all feature Senior Technicians who have had over 35 years experience in the industry! You are always taken care of by PAPA! Plus, did you know that we work closely with insurance and restoration companies for leak investigations and plumbing inspections? We are your trusted source for professional leak investigations and plumbing inspections. Do you have any questions about our plumbing repair services? Call PAPA Plumbing today!